Signature Motorhomes & Leisure, authorised UK Le Voyageur Dealer

Signature Motorhomes & Leisure is an official Le Voyageur main dealer, one of only two in the UK, and we're delighted to be able to introduce our customers to this exclusive brand.

It's been said that the Le Voyageur A-Class ranges are in a class of their own, and when it comes to innovation the new Signature gets an A+.

A Le Voyageur Signature model was launched as the first ever motorhome without rear view mirrors at the Motorhome and Caravan Show in October 2018. A worldwide innovation, the intelligent camera-based rear-view system is an exclusive technological innovation that provides exceptional driving safety and comfort.

The Signature range proves that the limits of perfection can be pushed even further, by bringing together Iveco technology with Le Voyageur prestige, power and comfort, sturdiness and design, performance and elegance. The Le Voyageur Signature motorhomes boast the most luxurious, comfortable fittings on the market.

The LV Range features refined interiors, high quality finishing, and aerodynamic design for impeccable driving comfort and road handling.

Interiors utilise the finest wood, glass and leather materials.

You'll find Signature Motorhomes & Leisure just five minutes off junction 31A of the M6 in Preston, Lancashire. Visit us to browse the very latest models available or choose from a selection of quality pre-owned motorhomes from a variety of leading manufacturers.